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Date added: 01/01/2012 Guylook Photo Competition-$100usd Prize-Ended








Before sending us your photos, please read and agree to the rules:

Anybody who joins the competition gets $10usd value point at the end of the month when a winner is decided.

A winner will be rewarded at the end of every month. $100usd value credit to his member ID.


  • You have to wear at least 2 products that has been purchased from us.
  • Your last purchase must have been made at least in 3 months.
  • A full body photo is required. It has to display at least head-to-knees or neck-to-toe will be rejected.
  • Outfits must be clearly visible and free of text.
  • If an outfit is partially obstructed from view or not fully and clearly visible for any reason (blurriness, poor lighting, subject fails to take up a significant portion of the photo), we will reject your photos.
  • Only registered users can participate in the competiton.
  • You must be in the photo.
  • Only photos of yourself are allowed.
  • DO NOT send us photos that don't belong to you.
  • If any like buttons is considered to be fabricated, we will have to ban the participant from the competition.
  • Your photo will be posted on Guylook.com.
  • Anyone who gets the most like button, he wins the prize.


Please tell us your Guylook ID, full name and email address when you send us photos.

Good Luck To You All!!!






06/19/2012, 09:37

"Wear it tucked into high waestid jeans (regular waestid, but that are just below the belly button), or into a skirt. Wear with a cardigan, or don't tuck it in and use an elastic to tighten it a bit with a cardigan over that. Wear skinnies if you're going opt out for jeans. If you are wearing it with shorts though, you can go with a denim short shorts and just wear the shirt as is, or with the elastic and cardigan Hope this helps! I like to wear my dad's shirts, so I like to tuck them in sometimes"


01/28/2012, 14:48

"I wanna take part in the competition!"

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